Two of the three power house Judd women could be the most honest famous guests to appear on Oprah EVER. Wynonna and Naomi lay out their mother-daughter relationship once again on their most recent interview which aired Tuesday, September 14th. I must confess that I’m a HUGE fan of Wy, Naomi and Ashley Judd! So, this post is nothing but a big love fest from this Judd Head!!!

It’s nice to know this huge country duo is not playing their relationship off like it’s perfect and drama free. On the show, Wy confesses many self truths including her habit of interrupting her mom so she can get her two cents. Naomi shares her mirroring technique that works for her and her girls. Indeed, love and therapy can build a bridge… Don’t miss these sassy females show off their glitz and grit in their Last Encore Concert Tour.

If you’re not Judd fan from way back like myself here are a few factoids:

  • The Judds won their first Grammy in 1984 (Best Country Performance by Duo/Group W/Vocals)
  • They have sold over 20 million records together
  • Wy and Naomi harmonized their way on the music charts from the early 80’s to 1992

F.Y.I. According to Naomi, Ashley was not on the show that day since she was in the Congo.

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