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Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

  • Michael’s gives audience members store gift cards

Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

  • This Week: none

Celeb Show Appearances

  • Kirstin Davis
  • Martha Stewart

Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

  • Lisa Ling reports on high-tech Ape
  • Kim Noble and how she’s living with 20 personalities
  • Bridget sues gay ex-husband and wins millions

Week 4 Show Breakdown

10/08/2010 The 30-Year-Old Virgin
10/07/2010 Why She Sued Her Husband for 12 Million Dollars and Won
10/06/2010 An Oprah Show Exclusive – One Mom, 20 Personalities
10/05/2010 America’s Homemaking Queen – Martha Stewart
10/04/2010 Ultimate Amazing Animals – The Ape Who Has Conversations with Humans

Air Date: October, 8 , 2010

Two women brave the television cameras to get help so they can move on with their love life. They tell Oprah that they are both 30-year-old virgin’s. They both have revealing sessions with sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman. Guess what? They have issues just as we all do it just so happens that it’s stopping them from progressing in their love lives. Of course, we did not see a 30-year-old male virgin confess on the show. Need I say more?

Air Date: October 7, 2010

This show is all about women dealing with their once upon a time husband cheating on them with another man. One women is making headlines after winning her lawsuit against her ex-husband who infected her with HIV. Bridget shares details of her marriage, landmark court case against her husband and her life feelings. She never thought he was cheating although she recalls one time feeling jealous of one of his male friends. Things progressed when she found x-rated emails of her ex to another man. This was after they were both diagnosed with HIV. The worst part was her ex let her believe she was the one who gave him HIV.

Next, Oprah invites a guest from 2004, J.L. King on the show. Then, he said he was not gay, but told views he did have sex with men. Now, he says he is gay.  J.L. King first revealed to Oprah viewers in 2004 that the DL or down low is used for relationships where one partner is cheating on their spouse with the same-sex partner.

Air Date: October 6, 2010

Past guest Trudy Chase inspires a recent show on with the brave Kim Noble from England. Noble has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID). DID is formally known as multiple personality disorder). DID defined as a person displaying multiple distinct identities or personalities. Noble transforms into 20 different identities. Where as Chase experienced 92 different personalities. I learned on the show that the general reason people develop dissociative identity disorder is to cope with a very traumatic abusive situation often sexual. I really feel for both their daughters and I wish them the best in life.

You can access resources on dissociative identity disorder:


Air Date: October 5, 2010

The Martha Stewart Empire Resigns Again

Stewart tells Oprah she has always believed, “If you have a job do it well!” Of course, the topic of her prison stay comes to the surface and Stewart says she gained strength, no longer associates with her former best friend who testified against her, and jokes how she left the lock up facility a cleaner place.

Oprah has Stewart look at her high school photo and asks “What would you tell her?” Stewart replies with great words to live by, “Be curious, always look to the future and to try to be passionate in life.”

Americans eat 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches and Martha shares her culinary pieces of flair to make the most delightful yummy gooey snack. See just how beautiful you can make a grilled cheese look:

Next, comes a new twist on a Bloody Mary! The trick infusing your vodakaFresh Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary Recipe by Martha.

Audiences get Martha Swag & $25 gift card from Michael’s!

It was fun watching these two powerhouse women match wit and throw some zingers!!! Thank you Oprah and Martha!!!!! 🙂

Air Date: October 4, 2010

High Tech Ape

Oprah makes a joke…”Stop it you big Ape.” That was the punchline as she was ending the segment with Lisa Ling on her experience with an ape (bonobo). Ling shares a funny story of her experience with the ape Kanzi making a pass at her and at the cameraman. You’ve really got to watch this high-tech bonobo named Kanzi communicate with her trainer.

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Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

  • OPI gives audience members a free manicure and Serena Williams The Glam Slam Collection

Marketing Gold: Corporate World Riding The Winfrey Wave

Becoming OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends) so to speak with Oprah is where you want to be, especially during her final season. There has been plenty of news circulating about Oprah sticking Australia with a hefty bill to help make the upcoming Ultimate Australia Adventure happen. I’m not sure how many days Oprah is planning to tape during their visit just yet. I suspect at least a week, since the show site has not yet opened audience reservations for Australia. But, I think the Aussie businesses are sure to see a spike in revenue with hundreds and potentially thousands of guests from around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to par-take in regional treats, trinkets and tours when you’re on vacation? If I had the cash flow I would be flocking there myself!

Here’s are list of other OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends)

  • OPI

Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

  • This Week: none

Celeb Show Appearances

  • Tony Danza
  • Serena Williams
  • Angie Harmon
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Terry McMillian
  • The Cast of Modern Family
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Cybil Shepherd
  • Linda Evans
  • Beverly Johnson
  • J.K. Rowling

Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

  • Transgender parent is both father and the biological mother to child

Week 3 Show Breakdown

10/01/2010 Harry Potter Phenom J.K. Rowling
09/30/2010 Aging Beauty Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans and Teri Hatcher
09/29/2010 The Mom Who Fathered Her Own Children, Plus the Cast of Modern Family
09/28/2010 Jenny McCarthy – After the Big Breakup, Plus Author Terry McMillan
09/27/2010 Celebrities Take on Their Dream Jobs

Air Date: October 1, 2010

JK Rowlings The BILLION dollar Harry Potter creator says, she knows for sure that love is the most powerful thing of all. Rowling tears up thinking of 9/11 and the many who phoned their loved ones before they passed that day. 9/11 was the day when she knew love was the most powerful. This is her first interview with Oprah, which took place in Scotland. Oprah also asks the goddess of all things Harry Potter, what is your dream of happiness? The reply is “I’m pretty close.”

We have a lot of things in common says Oprah.


On the show they show a clip of Ms. Rowling’s Harvard commencement speech from 2008. If you have a some time to spare it is worth watching!


I found this interview to one of the best this season and I admit to never reading any of the Potter books. I found the conversation delightful and intelligent.  Thank you Oprah and JK Rowling!

Air Date: September 30, 2010

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher has previously done botox injections, but confesses on Oprah she no longer indulges in the Hollywood anti aging habit. Teri talks about taking off the makeup and showing the world her natural beauty. Cameras follow the Desperate Housewives star from her right out of bed face (Hatcher own words “looking like shit “) to the sexy Hysteria homemaker. Hatcher says, she wanted to reveal the mystery and get people to accept the truth behind the television image. For me the show was nothing new but hopefully it helped someone realize their true beauty.

Cybil Shepherd

The conversation continues with the all American beauty Cybil Shepherd. Shepherd reveals her inner self loathing thoughts looking back at her modeling shots as she says, “I felt old then.” “I was tainted by seeing those retouched magazine covers of myself.” Cybil also shares for her turning 50 was traumatic. She says, it difficult when men stop looking her way.  At 60, you decide what is important. “Women stop feeling badly about themselves…”

Linda Evans

My grandmother and I were just 2 of the 40 million viewers watching Linda Evans weekly on the then must watch show Dynasty. Linda says, ” I’m happy because I don’t define myself by what other people  think.” For me I felt like Linda was the most grounded of the actresses on the show. I believed she really meant what she said.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson known for her modeling career talks about how she was hit on by a young man while playing golf. The young man sees her from behind and thinks he wants to get to know this female. But when he sees her face he immediately apologizes on hitting on her as he says he thought she was his age. Beverly says, that is when she realized she did not have to try to be so thin. I guess she meant keeping up her body to compete with the girls in their 20’s.!?

Air Date: September 29, 2010

Oprah plucks a universal message from her guest Lisa Bortz that people just want to be loved. Guest Lisa Bortz said, “I don’t need his approval. I just need his love.” Bortz was talking about how she didn’t want her dad’s approval of her relationship with her transgender partner Christine McGinn but wants his love. The couple agreed that they do feel Bortz’s fathers love towards each of them as well as their two children despite his political views. Bortz and McGinn were invited on the show to discuss their real life modern family unit, which I’m sure is like any other family raising twins. It just so happens that Christine McGinn was born as male and before his surgery took fertility precautions by preserving his sperm.

The hit television show Modern Family inspired Oprah show creators to find a diverse family unit. Oprah tells her audience I can say this for the first time on the the show, “Here is a mother who has fathered her own children!”

To lighten things up, the cast and crew of Modern Family makes an appearance. Of course, each of the cast members are loving every moment that they are living out their dream of being on Oprah!  Oprah is such a fan of the show that she even offers up her acting talent. She suggests, she could add more diversity by being their black neighbor, since after all her show is ending soon.