Air Date: September 23, 2010

The Push For Freedom

Two American families are looking for your support to bring home two captured men in Iraq. Both Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are being held hostage after hiking one day in the Iraqi Kurdistan mountains. Sarah Shourd was also with them during that hike, but she was released after 14 months for medical reasons. Shourd talks to Oprah about her experiences and how she will not experience every pleasure in life until her friends return home.  To find out more go to

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Regaining Power

The journey of Oprah’s next guest also named Sarah really shocked me. Sarah is recovering from the emotional terror her ex boyfriend created by posting a Craigslist ad. The date ad he placed called out to aggressive men and listed Sarah’s personal information including her home address. Sarah was brutally raped in her own home. 161 people replied to the ad.

What you should know is that Sarah’s ex pulled a picture off her MySpace and used it to post on this sick Craigslist ad. Once you post photos or personal information online they can be used against you. Today, Sarah has moved on and is married.  She told Oprah, “I want that power back.” Sarah’s ex and her attacker are living out their 60 year prison sentence.

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Life After 9/11 For A Walstreet Mom

The final piece on the show that day featured Lauren Manning.  Manning’s story is an inspiration because on 9/11 she was left to fight back from over 80 percent of her body being burned.  Today she speaks words we can all use to hear, “I’ve learned to give myself a break, never let up, never stop reaching forward, but do it with patiences.” Manning first appeared on the show in 2002 and at that time feared she would not be able to have another child. Since then, the Manning family added a new member to their family, little Jagger.