Air Date: October 5, 2010

The Martha Stewart Empire Resigns Again

Stewart tells Oprah she has always believed, “If you have a job do it well!” Of course, the topic of her prison stay comes to the surface and Stewart says she gained strength, no longer associates with her former best friend who testified against her, and jokes how she left the lock up facility a cleaner place.

Oprah has Stewart look at her high school photo and asks “What would you tell her?” Stewart replies with great words to live by, “Be curious, always look to the future and to try to be passionate in life.”

Americans eat 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches and Martha shares her culinary pieces of flair to make the most delightful yummy gooey snack. See just how beautiful you can make a grilled cheese look:

Next, comes a new twist on a Bloody Mary! The trick infusing your vodakaFresh Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary Recipe by Martha.

Audiences get Martha Swag & $25 gift card from Michael’s!

It was fun watching these two powerhouse women match wit and throw some zingers!!! Thank you Oprah and Martha!!!!! 🙂