Air Date: October 4, 2010

High Tech Ape

Oprah makes a joke…”Stop it you big Ape.” That was the punchline as she was ending the segment with Lisa Ling on her experience with an ape (bonobo). Ling shares a funny story of her experience with the ape Kanzi making a pass at her and at the cameraman. You’ve really got to watch this high-tech bonobo named Kanzi communicate with her trainer.

Adopt An Elephant

Oprah cracks another funny…”He’s big as an elephant!” This time the queen of talk is discussing elephants with Sexy In The City star Kristin Davis. You can actually help save an elephant in Kenya for just $50! Click here to find out more.

Tiny Einstein

I’m sure you have seen this adorable mini horse called Einstein! 

Pet Power

The final audience burst of laughter comes with this zinger from Oprah… “The best thing in the world you can do is spade and neuter your pets. Especially because you don’t know when your dog is roaming around in other people’s yards and creating baby mamas.” The ultimate show message was really about respecting all creatures. Watch this moving piece about “Faith” because it will touch you. Thank you Oprah!