Air Date: September 30, 2010

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher has previously done botox injections, but confesses on Oprah she no longer indulges in the Hollywood anti aging habit. Teri talks about taking off the makeup and showing the world her natural beauty. Cameras follow the Desperate Housewives star from her right out of bed face (Hatcher own words “looking like shit “) to the sexy Hysteria homemaker. Hatcher says, she wanted to reveal the mystery and get people to accept the truth behind the television image. For me the show was nothing new but hopefully it helped someone realize their true beauty.

Cybil Shepherd

The conversation continues with the all American beauty Cybil Shepherd. Shepherd reveals her inner self loathing thoughts looking back at her modeling shots as she says, “I felt old then.” “I was tainted by seeing those retouched magazine covers of myself.” Cybil also shares for her turning 50 was traumatic. She says, it difficult when men stop looking her way.  At 60, you decide what is important. “Women stop feeling badly about themselves…”

Linda Evans

My grandmother and I were just 2 of the 40 million viewers watching Linda Evans weekly on the then must watch show Dynasty. Linda says, ” I’m happy because I don’t define myself by what other people  think.” For me I felt like Linda was the most grounded of the actresses on the show. I believed she really meant what she said.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson known for her modeling career talks about how she was hit on by a young man while playing golf. The young man sees her from behind and thinks he wants to get to know this female. But when he sees her face he immediately apologizes on hitting on her as he says he thought she was his age. Beverly says, that is when she realized she did not have to try to be so thin. I guess she meant keeping up her body to compete with the girls in their 20’s.!?