Air Date: September 29, 2010

Oprah plucks a universal message from her guest Lisa Bortz that people just want to be loved. Guest Lisa Bortz said, “I don’t need his approval. I just need his love.” Bortz was talking about how she didn’t want her dad’s approval of her relationship with her transgender partner Christine McGinn but wants his love. The couple agreed that they do feel Bortz’s fathers love towards each of them as well as their two children despite his political views. Bortz and McGinn were invited on the show to discuss their real life modern family unit, which I’m sure is like any other family raising twins. It just so happens that Christine McGinn was born as male and before his surgery took fertility precautions by preserving his sperm.

The hit television show Modern Family inspired Oprah show creators to find a diverse family unit. Oprah tells her audience I can say this for the first time on the the show, “Here is a mother who has fathered her own children!”

To lighten things up, the cast and crew of Modern Family makes an appearance. Of course, each of the cast members are loving every moment that they are living out their dream of being on Oprah!  Oprah is such a fan of the show that she even offers up her acting talent. She suggests, she could add more diversity by being their black neighbor, since after all her show is ending soon.