Air Date: October 7, 2010

This show is all about women dealing with their once upon a time husband cheating on them with another man. One women is making headlines after winning her lawsuit against her ex-husband who infected her with HIV. Bridget shares details of her marriage, landmark court case against her husband and her life feelings. She never thought he was cheating although she recalls one time feeling jealous of one of his male friends. Things progressed when she found x-rated emails of her ex to another man. This was after they were both diagnosed with HIV. The worst part was her ex let her believe she was the one who gave him HIV.

Next, Oprah invites a guest from 2004, J.L. King on the show. Then, he said he was not gay, but told views he did have sex with men. Now, he says he is gay.  J.L. King first revealed to Oprah viewers in 2004 that the DL or down low is used for relationships where one partner is cheating on their spouse with the same-sex partner.