Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

  • OPI gives audience members a free manicure and Serena Williams The Glam Slam Collection

Marketing Gold: Corporate World Riding The Winfrey Wave

Becoming OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends) so to speak with Oprah is where you want to be, especially during her final season. There has been plenty of news circulating about Oprah sticking Australia with a hefty bill to help make the upcoming Ultimate Australia Adventure happen. I’m not sure how many days Oprah is planning to tape during their visit just yet. I suspect at least a week, since the show site has not yet opened audience reservations for Australia. But, I think the Aussie businesses are sure to see a spike in revenue with hundreds and potentially thousands of guests from around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to par-take in regional treats, trinkets and tours when you’re on vacation? If I had the cash flow I would be flocking there myself!

Here’s are list of other OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends)

  • OPI

Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

  • This Week: none

Celeb Show Appearances

  • Tony Danza
  • Serena Williams
  • Angie Harmon
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Terry McMillian
  • The Cast of Modern Family
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Cybil Shepherd
  • Linda Evans
  • Beverly Johnson
  • J.K. Rowling

Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

  • Transgender parent is both father and the biological mother to child

Week 3 Show Breakdown

10/01/2010 Harry Potter Phenom J.K. Rowling
09/30/2010 Aging Beauty Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans and Teri Hatcher
09/29/2010 The Mom Who Fathered Her Own Children, Plus the Cast of Modern Family
09/28/2010 Jenny McCarthy – After the Big Breakup, Plus Author Terry McMillan
09/27/2010 Celebrities Take on Their Dream Jobs