Air Date: October 13, 2010

The cast from the TLC reality series Sister Wives talk about their lifestyle with Lady O. If you watched this show, you would’ve seen for the first time a man living a polygamist lifestyle (Kody Brown) say he wanted to do the TV show Sister Wives because their community (polygamist) is so closed. Kody reveals he is legally married to one women and holds a union with his 3 other wives. It is no surprise that when Oprah asks the kids what they think, the kids say they enjoy living with all their family. The oldest boy (16) says, the big difference between his family and his friends monogamous family is just that it is more quite.

Watch a clip from the show.

I have seen a couple of episodes of the show and I think it’s interesting. I watched because I want to see how the female dynamics play out in their household. I think many men find it difficult to multi-task in the home, so I would think it would be difficult to juggle 4 women and their emotions!

Making The News:

The show is set to air another season.