Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

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    Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

    • This Week: none

    Celeb Show Appearances

    • Ali MacGraw
    • Ryan O’Neal

    Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

    • 15 years after the O.J. trial
    • Brown family living a illegal polygamist life
    • From War To Living On The Streets: U.S. Vets Facing Struggles At Home

    Week 5 Show Breakdown

    10/15/2010 American War Heroes – Why Are These Women Now Homeless?
    10/14/2010 The Sister Wives Controversy – Inside America’s Polygamist TV Family
    10/13/2010 Are You Normal? Take the Test!
    10/12/2010 Love Story Reunion – Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal
    10/11/2010 Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman’s Stunning Revelations