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Juddtastic Moments

I’ve been able to indulge in both live performances of The Judds and Wynonna, but my most memorable Judd moments took place at two different Sundance Film Festivals. I first met Ashley while she was supporting her then latest film titled Come Early Morning. I was such a dorkster as I nervously called out Ashley’s name to get her attention after the screening. I was barely able to say, “Can I have your autograph?” I hope I said, Thank You. She graciously turned her attention to me for a split second to sign a postcard. I SO wanted to party with her at the cast party that night because in my head I think we could of had a kickin’ time.

My next Judd moment took place during the 2010 Sundance Film Fest after Wy performed a free concert in a packed tent at the bottom of Main Street. This time I made sure I was prepared for this up close and personal encounter. I purchased 3 brand new Wy cd’s and markers because I was on a mission to get them signed by my favorite country singer.  Like jump rope I waited for the right second.  Wy’s assistant took the cd’s and patiently waited for me to write down 3 names. Wy asked me how I would like them personalized so I quickly found scrap paper in my purse. I suddenly went in to panic mode when they took off with my cd’s. The plan was I would meet Wy’s assistant outside the concert tent in a few minutes to get my newly signed cd’s. Wy kindly agreed to sign the cd’s but she needed to break away from all the fans to do it. Of course, my panic was not necessary as our fiery redhead stayed to true to her word!

Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Rocks!

Thank You Ashley!                                      Thank You Wy!!!