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Air Date: November 4, 2010

I thought this show was going to be a total lost as most of the teen dreams came from a different generation then mine. I was surprised that this show was good.

It was really fun to watch be surprised with her very own teen crush!!! Thanks to the show producers they pulled off their second Oprah surprise of this season. Oprah confesses in the video that she wanted to marry Jackie Jackson. Yep, he is from the Jackson Five. Mr. Jackson was very polite and I think if he wasn’t wifed up he would have ask Lady O out. Sorry Steadman…

Next, singer and actor Shaun Cassidy put grins on all the ladies. Shaun works behind the scenes these days as a writer and producer. After chatting it up for a few minutes, he takes the stage and sing one of his old songs.

The ultimate boy band group turns up the heat by reuniting on the show. The Backstreet Boys surprise to crazed fans at O’hare airport. Guess what ladies these harmonizing heart-throbs are going on tour again! But the group says is still saying Bye Bye Bye to Kevin. Check out the info here.

The final singing icon appearing on the show is Peter Frampton. Such a lucky day for Oprah’s executive producer Sheri as the creative staff pulls one over on her. Peter pops out on stage during a production meeting. That’s no ordinary production meeting as he sings Baby I Love Your Way.


Air Date: November 3, 2010

Camping in lower pines at Yosemite… Day 2

Oprah confesses in the duration of her and Gayle’s 30 year friendship Gayle has not cooked a single thing. WOW! I have never met a female who does not cook.

Another confession comes when the 2 make dinner. Oprah realizes her dinner ingredients (sea bass and rosemary potatoes) were not made for camping. (giggles) Oprah here ya go…campfire fish how to.

I love watching these 2 besties interact!!! Thank U Oprah!!!!!!! Too bad Lady O does not like to play board games and such. I love games!

OMG! I just laughed and laughed watching the girls at breakfast time. Oprah wants to just do a grab and go breakfast of fruit while Gayle wants eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado. Oprah makes scrambled eggs and toast.

Trip Activities:

  • Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson tells a story about Buffalo Soldiers
  • Making S’mores
  • Making Breakfast
  • Singer to the Gambler
  • Fly Fishing with Brian & Jenny on the Merced River  (Oprah likes)
  • Mule Riding with Jerry (Gayle likes)

Camping Resources:

In case you missed my blog on Oprah & Gayle Yosemite Trip Part 1

Air Date: November 2, 2010

Ricky Martin is ready to reveal to the world his inner most thoughts about his life and his sexuality. Beside promoting his book on Oprah, the hot latin pop singer talks about being gay and his twin boys. Sadly, for many years Ricky says he felt his emotions were evil. He says he felt as he was not enough. Oprah points out to her viewers that feeling is universal. Everyone feels feel “I’m not good enough.”  Oprah says, “I think if everybody who’s gay would come out, it would change the world!” The audiences applauds as Ricky agrees.

Ricky is parenting his two twin toddlers, and I think a lot of his coming out had to do with them. In his book he writes, “I want to open my heart to them fully and absolutely so that in the future they will never be afraid to do the same.”

Don’t miss Ricky & Joss Stone sing their latest tune  “The Best Thing About Me Is You”

Get Ricky’s new book Me

Air Date: October 13, 2010

The cast from the TLC reality series Sister Wives talk about their lifestyle with Lady O. If you watched this show, you would’ve seen for the first time a man living a polygamist lifestyle (Kody Brown) say he wanted to do the TV show Sister Wives because their community (polygamist) is so closed. Kody reveals he is legally married to one women and holds a union with his 3 other wives. It is no surprise that when Oprah asks the kids what they think, the kids say they enjoy living with all their family. The oldest boy (16) says, the big difference between his family and his friends monogamous family is just that it is more quite.

Watch a clip from the show.

I have seen a couple of episodes of the show and I think it’s interesting. I watched because I want to see how the female dynamics play out in their household. I think many men find it difficult to multi-task in the home, so I would think it would be difficult to juggle 4 women and their emotions!

Making The News:

The show is set to air another season.