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Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

  • Doing an amazing show with 200 men who brave the TV cameras to talk about their childhood sexual abuse

    Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

    • This Week: Jackie Jackson Oprah’s Teen Dream Crush

    Celeb Show Appearances

    • Portia De Rossi
    • Ellen
    • Ricky Martin
    • Jose Stone
    • Gayle
    • Jackie Jackson
    • Shaun Cassidy
    • All 5 Backstreet Boys
    • Peter Frampton
    • Tyler Perry

    Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

    • Ricky Martin Is Out Of The Closest

    Week 8 Show Breakdown


    11/05/2010 A Two-Day Oprah Show Event – 200 Men Who Were Molested Come Forward
    11/04/2010 Teen Heartthrob Surprises
    11/03/2010 Oprah and Gayle’s Big Yosemite Camping Adventure, Part 2
    11/02/2010 First Television Interview – Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay Man
    11/01/2010 Portia de Rossi and the Secret That Nearly Killed Her




    Air Date: November 3, 2010

    Camping in lower pines at Yosemite… Day 2

    Oprah confesses in the duration of her and Gayle’s 30 year friendship Gayle has not cooked a single thing. WOW! I have never met a female who does not cook.

    Another confession comes when the 2 make dinner. Oprah realizes her dinner ingredients (sea bass and rosemary potatoes) were not made for camping. (giggles) Oprah here ya go…campfire fish how to.

    I love watching these 2 besties interact!!! Thank U Oprah!!!!!!! Too bad Lady O does not like to play board games and such. I love games!

    OMG! I just laughed and laughed watching the girls at breakfast time. Oprah wants to just do a grab and go breakfast of fruit while Gayle wants eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado. Oprah makes scrambled eggs and toast.

    Trip Activities:

    • Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson tells a story about Buffalo Soldiers
    • Making S’mores
    • Making Breakfast
    • Singer to the Gambler
    • Fly Fishing with Brian & Jenny on the Merced River  (Oprah likes)
    • Mule Riding with Jerry (Gayle likes)

    Camping Resources:

    In case you missed my blog on Oprah & Gayle Yosemite Trip Part 1

    Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

    • A couple from Yosemite gets Oprah’s wheel’s and camper used during Oprah & Gayle’s Yosemite adventure

    Marketing Gold: Corporate World Riding The Winfrey Wave

    Becoming OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends) so to speak with Oprah is where you want to be, especially during her final season. There has been plenty of news circulating about Oprah sticking Australia with a hefty bill to help make the upcoming Ultimate Australia Adventure happen. I’m not sure how many days Oprah is planning to tape during their visit just yet. I suspect at least a week, since the show site has not yet opened audience reservations for Australia. But, I think the Aussie businesses are sure to see a spike in revenue with hundreds and potentially thousands of guests from around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to par-take in regional treats, trinkets and tours when you’re on vacation? If I had the cash flow I would be flocking there myself!

    Here’s a list of other OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends)

    • Chevy
    • Coleman (Camping Gear)
    • REI

    Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

    • This Week: none

    Celeb Show Appearances

    Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

    • Car Crash kills their 3 children

    Week 7 Show Breakdown

    10/29/2010 Oprah and Gayle’s Big Yosemite Camping Adventure – Part 1
    10/28/2010 For the First Time in 45 Years – The Sound of Music Cast Reunites
    10/27/2010 Legendary Icon Jane Fonda – Her Life, New Love and Working Out
    10/26/2010 America’s Worst Cooks Get Rescued by Jessica Seinfeld
    10/25/2010 The Worst Days of Their Lives and the Miraculous Twist of Fate

    Air Date: October 29, 2010

    An Inspiring Camping Trip

    First things first, you need to gear up for your camping trip. Discovering REI for the first time, Gayle likes to look at all the options while Oprah just relied on the knowledge of the sales guy. Why do these two besties take a camping trip? According to Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson, African-Americans make only 1% of the population who visit national parks each year.

    Here are a couple of places Oprah and Gayle visited the first day of their trip:

    The Grizzly Giant

    Tunnel View

    The Camping Happy Hour (Oprah makes Moscow Mules)

    • 1 Ounce Vodka
    • 1/2 Cup Ginger Beer
    • 1 tsp. Simple Syrup
    • 1 Sprig Fresh Mint
    • Fresh Lime Juice

    Oprah surprises a couple she met in Yosemite by giving away the Chevey Hybrid Tahoe and her Coleman Camper.

    I can remember visiting Yosemite as a young girl with family and our family friends. What a fun time, I agree with Oprah that everyone should see and experience the beauty of Yosemite 🙂

    Get caught up on Part 2 of the trip here.