Air Date: November 3, 2010

Camping in lower pines at Yosemite… Day 2

Oprah confesses in the duration of her and Gayle’s 30 year friendship Gayle has not cooked a single thing. WOW! I have never met a female who does not cook.

Another confession comes when the 2 make dinner. Oprah realizes her dinner ingredients (sea bass and rosemary potatoes) were not made for camping. (giggles) Oprah here ya go…campfire fish how to.

I love watching these 2 besties interact!!! Thank U Oprah!!!!!!! Too bad Lady O does not like to play board games and such. I love games!

OMG! I just laughed and laughed watching the girls at breakfast time. Oprah wants to just do a grab and go breakfast of fruit while Gayle wants eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado. Oprah makes scrambled eggs and toast.

Trip Activities:

  • Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson tells a story about Buffalo Soldiers
  • Making S’mores
  • Making Breakfast
  • Singer to the Gambler
  • Fly Fishing with Brian & Jenny on the Merced River  (Oprah likes)
  • Mule Riding with Jerry (Gayle likes)

Camping Resources:

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