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Air Date: November 8, 2010 – Talking To Michael Jackson’s Mom

After Oprah shares her once upon a time crush to Ms. Jackson’s son Jackie, the interview turns toward Michael. The interview quickly turns to tears when Ms. Jackson looks at a childhood picture of young Michael. He would always tease and play jokes on his brothers.

Oprah talks about how her and Michael disagreed on showing his adolescence pictures. Oprah says, Michael did not want them shown during their 1993 interview while Oprah felt  it was a good idea. Ms. Jackson recalls how Michael felt about his physical appearance prior to any plastic surgery, “I’m just so ugly.” Oprah asks, “What did you think?” This question is in reference of Michael getting his nose job. She says, the nose would make him happy.

What did you think when Michael said he was marrying Lisa Marie Presley? Ms. Jackson says, “It was a surprise to me.” Lisa Marie never met Ms. Jackson prior to getting married. When Oprah mentions her recent interview with Lisa Marie Presley, Oprah says she really understands now how Lisa loved Michael. Ms. Jackson agreed Lisa Marie really did love him. (Clearing the rumors from years past that the couple’s marriage just might have been a PR stunt.)

June 25th was a shock and the worst day of her life. The day Pop Icon Michael Jackson passed away. Ms. Jackson says, the doctor told her that Michael was gone after she arrived at the hospital. (She also says, Michael had already passed before she had received the call from the hospital.) While sitting across from Oprah Ms. Jackson’s eyes fill with tears as she talks about this tragic day.

Oprah asks about the kids since Ms. Jackson says Michael’s three children were in a separate room at the hospital when she found out about her son’s death. My eyes soon began to swell as Michael’s mom reveals the moments and actions of Michael’s only daughter Paris. Ms. Jackson shares Paris wanted to go with him.”Daddy I can’t make it without you. I want to be with you.” Ms. Jackson tells Oprah this was the first she had heard he was taking propofol.

For a brief segment conversation turns to the days of Michael Jackson’s highly publicized trial in 2005 where Michael was facing accusations of molesting a child. Ms. Jackson says, “He used to trust people. His problem was he trusted too much. And after that trial he did not trust anybody.”

“Why didn’t he take care of my child. Why did he leave the room. You know. And why did he give that to him? It’s very dangerous -why did you do it?” These are the words Ms. Jackson says, she would want to tell Doctor Conard Murray.

Ms. Katherine Jackson & Joe Jackson with Oprah

  1. The couple says they are not divorced.
  2. Ms. Jackson says Joe did use a strap to discipline Michael.
  3. Mr. Jackson points out that he does not regret using the strap as his nine kids have never been in jail.
  4. Ms. Jackson says, she knew Michael was special at a very young age. She recalls how Michael used to keep the beat to their old washing machine around 1.5 years old.

The Next Jackson Generation

  1. Prince says, he likes video games and sports. He would like to produce movies and direct.
  2. Paris says, she wants to be an actress when she gets older.
  3. All the grandchildren say they are interested in show biz.

Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

  • Doing an amazing show with 200 men who brave the TV cameras to talk about their childhood sexual abuse

    Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

    • This Week: Jackie Jackson Oprah’s Teen Dream Crush

    Celeb Show Appearances

    • Portia De Rossi
    • Ellen
    • Ricky Martin
    • Jose Stone
    • Gayle
    • Jackie Jackson
    • Shaun Cassidy
    • All 5 Backstreet Boys
    • Peter Frampton
    • Tyler Perry

    Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

    • Ricky Martin Is Out Of The Closest

    Week 8 Show Breakdown


    11/05/2010 A Two-Day Oprah Show Event – 200 Men Who Were Molested Come Forward
    11/04/2010 Teen Heartthrob Surprises
    11/03/2010 Oprah and Gayle’s Big Yosemite Camping Adventure, Part 2
    11/02/2010 First Television Interview – Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay Man
    11/01/2010 Portia de Rossi and the Secret That Nearly Killed Her



    Air Date:  November 5, 2010

    Part  1

    There is comfort in numbers. I think it is amazing how 200 men stood together in Harpo studios. Thank U Oprah! Thank U Tyler Perry! Thank U Staffers! Thank U Men! This type of work (shows) have inspired millions around the world to watch your show for 25 years.

    The show opens with all 200 men standing holding their own childhood pictures in silence. Everyone in the room stands up to say they had been sexually abused by someone they at one time trusted.

    Oprah asks Tyler Perry how he feels since he was on the show talking in detail about his own abusive situations. He replies with “I feel a lot lighter.”

    Did you know?

    • 1 out of 6 men have been sexually abused

    Oprah explains to the audience that “all pain is the same.” Patrick and his twin brother Kevin speak out about their sexual abuse from their priest. And, later gang raped from multiple priests. For 13 years nearly on a daily basis these twins were violated to say the very least. The physical nightmare finally stops when their parents recorded phone conversations. How has it changed their lives? Patrick says, it has destroyed relationships, it changed my life, I’m a bitter man.

    Oprah quotes one of her previous guest on how he defined forgiveness. “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different. It’s accepting the past for what it was.”

    The next brave man to talk about his abuse is Chad. He speaks about his own father sexually abusing him in his own home. The abuse happened four times a week. Chad shares he has trust issues that have stem from his childhood abuse. Oprah asks do you think your mother knew? Chad says “sometimes I think she had an inclination.” At the age of 17 (7 years after being sexually abused by his father) he told his family (mother and sister) and no one believed him. Oprah’s show producers talked to Chad’s father and his father admitted abusing his son. Oprah shares with the audience that Chad’s mother is still married to his father.

    I really love how Oprah lays it on the line for Chad. Just seconds before Chad was giving details about how his 2 children do visit his parents and how he restricts his kids from staying overnight at their grandparents house. Chad continues to say how he won’t let his mother take the children back to her house after going to eat out. Oprah says, “But how could you possibly, trust your mother ,with your children. That your mother would do the right things by your children, when your mother did not do the right thing by you?” The audiences applauds.

    PHD. Howard Fradkin enters the discussion and points out that is no way the fault of the child. The abuser does prey on children that are vulnerable.

    Get more information at

    Air Date: November 4, 2010

    I thought this show was going to be a total lost as most of the teen dreams came from a different generation then mine. I was surprised that this show was good.

    It was really fun to watch be surprised with her very own teen crush!!! Thanks to the show producers they pulled off their second Oprah surprise of this season. Oprah confesses in the video that she wanted to marry Jackie Jackson. Yep, he is from the Jackson Five. Mr. Jackson was very polite and I think if he wasn’t wifed up he would have ask Lady O out. Sorry Steadman…

    Next, singer and actor Shaun Cassidy put grins on all the ladies. Shaun works behind the scenes these days as a writer and producer. After chatting it up for a few minutes, he takes the stage and sing one of his old songs.

    The ultimate boy band group turns up the heat by reuniting on the show. The Backstreet Boys surprise to crazed fans at O’hare airport. Guess what ladies these harmonizing heart-throbs are going on tour again! But the group says is still saying Bye Bye Bye to Kevin. Check out the info here.

    The final singing icon appearing on the show is Peter Frampton. Such a lucky day for Oprah’s executive producer Sheri as the creative staff pulls one over on her. Peter pops out on stage during a production meeting. That’s no ordinary production meeting as he sings Baby I Love Your Way.

    Air Date: November 3, 2010

    Camping in lower pines at Yosemite… Day 2

    Oprah confesses in the duration of her and Gayle’s 30 year friendship Gayle has not cooked a single thing. WOW! I have never met a female who does not cook.

    Another confession comes when the 2 make dinner. Oprah realizes her dinner ingredients (sea bass and rosemary potatoes) were not made for camping. (giggles) Oprah here ya go…campfire fish how to.

    I love watching these 2 besties interact!!! Thank U Oprah!!!!!!! Too bad Lady O does not like to play board games and such. I love games!

    OMG! I just laughed and laughed watching the girls at breakfast time. Oprah wants to just do a grab and go breakfast of fruit while Gayle wants eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and avocado. Oprah makes scrambled eggs and toast.

    Trip Activities:

    • Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson tells a story about Buffalo Soldiers
    • Making S’mores
    • Making Breakfast
    • Singer to the Gambler
    • Fly Fishing with Brian & Jenny on the Merced River  (Oprah likes)
    • Mule Riding with Jerry (Gayle likes)

    Camping Resources:

    In case you missed my blog on Oprah & Gayle Yosemite Trip Part 1

    Air Date: November 2, 2010

    Ricky Martin is ready to reveal to the world his inner most thoughts about his life and his sexuality. Beside promoting his book on Oprah, the hot latin pop singer talks about being gay and his twin boys. Sadly, for many years Ricky says he felt his emotions were evil. He says he felt as he was not enough. Oprah points out to her viewers that feeling is universal. Everyone feels feel “I’m not good enough.”  Oprah says, “I think if everybody who’s gay would come out, it would change the world!” The audiences applauds as Ricky agrees.

    Ricky is parenting his two twin toddlers, and I think a lot of his coming out had to do with them. In his book he writes, “I want to open my heart to them fully and absolutely so that in the future they will never be afraid to do the same.”

    Don’t miss Ricky & Joss Stone sing their latest tune  “The Best Thing About Me Is You”

    Get Ricky’s new book Me

    Air Date: November 1, 2010

    Battling Anorexia & Bulimia

    Hearing the details of actress Portia De Rossi eating disorder is shocking to me as she reveals eating a maximum of 150 calories a day at one point. I too struggle with weight issues and I’m sure like many have counted their daily in take. I struggle with just eating 1,200 calories. Oprah asks how was it going through eating disorders on TV and Portia says, “It’s actually easy to hide an eating disorder.”

    This next quote I pulled from the show is beautiful, and I think many, many people struggle with their likeness. “Sometimes the way you see yourself is not how the world sees you.” Portia mentions how she should try to accept herself because her wife Ellen does. Oprah points out she met the love of her life Ellen at her heaviest weight. After hearing Portia talk about her feelings and experiences, I feel I can most identify with her statement on chronic dieting. “Living your entire life never feeling good enough about your body , always feeling like if you weighed a little less some how you’d be happier, life would be better is a horrible way to live.”  Portia says she found food looses power when you don’t restrict any food or portion size.

    You can turn to these resources for more facts, help & support:

    Air Date: October 28, 2010

    Reminiscing with the 5 time Oscar-winning cast The Sound of Music

    Actress Julie Andrews

    • Julie Andrews was just 28 in the movie.
    • Julie started studying at age 7
    • 1997 Julie loses her gifted singing voice
    • Julie has co-authored over 20 books with her daughter

    Actor Christopher Plummer

    • Christopher started at the Montreal Repertory Theater
    • Christopher appears in more than 100 since The Sound of Music
    • Book: Inspite of Myself
    • He is 80 years at the time of the show

    Insider Info.:

    • First scene taped was favorite things
    • Filmed for 6 months
    • Rehearsal took 3 months
    • Greti (actress Kym Karath) did not know how to swim
    • The kids from the cast are currently collaborating on book about their experiences and memories from the movie

    Surprise to all audience members as they took home the latest box set of the movie.

    Oprah Shows Changing Lives-O-Meter

    • A couple from Yosemite gets Oprah’s wheel’s and camper used during Oprah & Gayle’s Yosemite adventure

    Marketing Gold: Corporate World Riding The Winfrey Wave

    Becoming OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends) so to speak with Oprah is where you want to be, especially during her final season. There has been plenty of news circulating about Oprah sticking Australia with a hefty bill to help make the upcoming Ultimate Australia Adventure happen. I’m not sure how many days Oprah is planning to tape during their visit just yet. I suspect at least a week, since the show site has not yet opened audience reservations for Australia. But, I think the Aussie businesses are sure to see a spike in revenue with hundreds and potentially thousands of guests from around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to par-take in regional treats, trinkets and tours when you’re on vacation? If I had the cash flow I would be flocking there myself!

    Here’s a list of other OCF’s (Oprah Corporate Friends)

    • Chevy
    • Coleman (Camping Gear)
    • REI

    Producers Pull Off Surprising Oprah

    • This Week: none

    Celeb Show Appearances

    Show Segments Ripped From The Wires

    • Car Crash kills their 3 children

    Week 7 Show Breakdown

    10/29/2010 Oprah and Gayle’s Big Yosemite Camping Adventure – Part 1
    10/28/2010 For the First Time in 45 Years – The Sound of Music Cast Reunites
    10/27/2010 Legendary Icon Jane Fonda – Her Life, New Love and Working Out
    10/26/2010 America’s Worst Cooks Get Rescued by Jessica Seinfeld
    10/25/2010 The Worst Days of Their Lives and the Miraculous Twist of Fate

    Air Date: October 29, 2010

    An Inspiring Camping Trip

    First things first, you need to gear up for your camping trip. Discovering REI for the first time, Gayle likes to look at all the options while Oprah just relied on the knowledge of the sales guy. Why do these two besties take a camping trip? According to Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson, African-Americans make only 1% of the population who visit national parks each year.

    Here are a couple of places Oprah and Gayle visited the first day of their trip:

    The Grizzly Giant

    Tunnel View

    The Camping Happy Hour (Oprah makes Moscow Mules)

    • 1 Ounce Vodka
    • 1/2 Cup Ginger Beer
    • 1 tsp. Simple Syrup
    • 1 Sprig Fresh Mint
    • Fresh Lime Juice

    Oprah surprises a couple she met in Yosemite by giving away the Chevey Hybrid Tahoe and her Coleman Camper.

    I can remember visiting Yosemite as a young girl with family and our family friends. What a fun time, I agree with Oprah that everyone should see and experience the beauty of Yosemite 🙂

    Get caught up on Part 2 of the trip here.