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Air Date: November 2, 2010

Ricky Martin is ready to reveal to the world his inner most thoughts about his life and his sexuality. Beside promoting his book on Oprah, the hot latin pop singer talks about being gay and his twin boys. Sadly, for many years Ricky says he felt his emotions were evil. He says he felt as he was not enough. Oprah points out to her viewers that feeling is universal. Everyone feels feel “I’m not good enough.”  Oprah says, “I think if everybody who’s gay would come out, it would change the world!” The audiences applauds as Ricky agrees.

Ricky is parenting his two twin toddlers, and I think a lot of his coming out had to do with them. In his book he writes, “I want to open my heart to them fully and absolutely so that in the future they will never be afraid to do the same.”

Don’t miss Ricky & Joss Stone sing their latest tune  “The Best Thing About Me Is You”

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The Oprah Show staffers know how to blend the perfect week to keep their fans coming back. What I mean by that is, you need equal parts of entertainment and education. Monday was about educating the public about the educational system. The laughter is back on Tuesday with clever Jon Stewart and The one and only iconic singer Liza Minnelli.  So, let me heed their magic and give you some silly videos.

So, here are some fun finds: